Code of conduct

The intent of the IMPT’s ethical code of conduct is to provide a common frame of reference for the ethical practice of maxillofacial prosthetics for it’s Members. By accepting Student, Associate, Membership or Fellowship status with the IMPT an individual accepts the council of the IMPT as a professional disciplinary body.

This code does not claim to resolve all issues associated with the practice of maxillofacial prosthetics, but should a Member’s professional conduct be brought into question it provides the core elements of professional practice that a Member will be judged against.

The code of conduct dictates that:

  1. Care of the patient is your primary concern
  2. Be honest & trustworthy
  3. Treat every patient with consideration; respect their dignity & privacy
  4. Be prepared to justify actions
  5. Recognise limits of competence. If required, liaise with colleagues in the patient’s best interest
  6. Maintain your own health & well-being appropriate to your practice
  7. Never discriminate against patients or colleagues or let personal beliefs effect patient care
  8. Act quickly if you suspect a colleague is failing & patients maybe put at risk
  9. Safeguard confidential information & record relevant details for patient care and legislative purposes
  10. Provide appropriate information that the patient or their carers can understand
  11. Continually update professional skills & knowledge
  12. Do not abuse your position as a maxillofacial prosthetist
  13. Provide comprehensive supervision and instruction for less experienced or knowledgeable maxillofacial prosthetists with patient care & safety the primary consideration

The following documents can be downloaded below

IMPT Scope of Practice

IMPT Fitness to Practise

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