Assessment Interview Board (AIB)

The role of the MfP has changed considerably in recent times. The modern MfP is now a technical-clinical practitioner with a significant degree of professional autonomy, responsibility and designated resources. In the interests of patient care and to best serve the public, it is the responsibility of supervising authorities within the UK to assess a healthcare professional’s fitness to practice and grant formal status to those who meet required criteria.


At the completion of an accepted period of education and training an individual may apply for Full Membership status of The IMPT. The role of the AIB is to formally consider such requests and examine all relevant details. The AIB will, on the evidence presented before them, make a decision on an Applicant’s suitability to be advanced to Full Membership status. There is a fee payable at submission for the AIB. This will be confirmed by the AIB Chairman and will be payable with your full application.

The next AIB is scheduled for February 2023 please contact AIB Chair with any queries.